The Bloomington Antique Mall is dedicated to providing the best service possible, to both our customers and our merchants. What sets us apart from other antique malls is we do NOT sell anything; we don't compete against our merchants.

Why should I become a merchant at the Bloomington Antique Mall???

There are many excellent reasons to become a Bloomington Antique Mall merchant. Here are just a few:

  • To create extra income
  • To supplement an income
  • To sell items that are no longer used -- if it's just collecting dust, make money on it instead!
  • To get rid of that storage unit fee -- why store when you can sell?
  • We can help you to downsize
  • An ideal way to liquidate an estate or collection!
  • If you're unable to get out and about, it's a great way to sell -- you can check your sales online!
  • Why pay rent and overhead for a retail location and pay employees to sell your items, when we can do all of that for you?
  • Mall-wide state-of-the-art surveillance system
  • 50 brand-new lighted display cases with security locks
  • Consignment services available (see manager)
  • Lots of advertising $$$ spent for the benefit of our merchants!

Why not become a Bloomington Antique Mall merchant? Start reaping the benefits today!

Merchants, track your sales as they grow, through custom Dealer Sales Reports provided by This service is provided for ALL Bloomington Antique Mall merchants free of charge.

Merchants enjoy the benefit of our mall-wide state-of-the-art surveillance system.




Main & upper floor booth spaces are sized at you request @ $1.85 per square foot. Lower floor booth spaces are sized at your request @ $1.70 per square foot. Lower floor "wall" booth rent is $100 for a 12' peg board wall section.

Payment for the first month's rent will reserve your space and is not a deposit.



Main & upper floor cases rent for $90 per month. Lower floor cases rent for $70 per month.

Payment for the first month's rent will reserve your space and is not a deposit.



The commissions will be 7% on all sales over $10.00. Sales up to $1.99 will be 19%, sales $2.00 to $4.99 will be 15%, and $5.00 to $9.99 will be 11%. Merchants share credit card usage charge of 4% with no discounting allowed. Bloomington Antique Mall (under Pence Group LLC) collects and pays the sales tax. Terminating a space requires a 30-day notice with an ending date being the last day of the next month.


Merchant service (door & counter) hours are M-F 10 to 6
and W/E & Holidays 10 to 1


Merchant Agreement Form


Your location is "B" ________ "C" _________ Start date:_________

Rent Paid: $__________ Paid by check No.__________

Our signatures bind this agreement and the understanding of the policy guidelines.



Name -- Please Print ______________________________________________


Social Security #______________________ of owner


-- Sign Name ___________________________________________________


Date ___________________________


Bloomington Antique Mall Representative _____________________________





Layaway Program: Yes / No

Merchant to Merchant Discounts & Negotiation @ 10%: Yes / No

If NO, it is agreed that on event weekends (5 times) a standard 10% sale will occur unless marked firm or under $20.00 payable by cash or check!

Tags are kept on file till the first of the next month.


Write in address and phone number below:


Address: Street______________________________________________________


City________________________________________ State_______ Zip__________


Home phone:__________________________ Work phone____________________


Cell phone: _____________________________


Email address:__________________________


(When you want to set up the free On-Line sales information please read the instructions contained in our Policy Guidelines.)



The Bloomington Antique Mall policy on electrical cords for lamps, ceiling lights & appliances is the wire must be a direct plug into the wall socket or into a surge protector with NO connectors or clamps and for sure NO tape of any kind holding the wiring together. NO extension cords of any type are allowed and no surge protectors can be connected or "GFI" or power strips with a circuit breaker. First violation is a warning with any future violation resulting in a $50.00 charge to your monthly print out per violation.



After a warning of 30 days IF a Bloomington Antique Mall Green Vest must clean your dirty or messy booth/case, there will be a $50 charge to your account. One of our consistent and positive comments is the cleanliness of the Bloomington Antique Mall. This is a TEAM EFFORT including all of us!

Please also review our Policy Guidelines.


Reviewed by_______________________

Antique Manager Approval_______________________

Revised May 2014


Open Daily 10-6
(Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, & Christmas Day)

311 W. 7th St., Bloomington IN • (812) 323-7676

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